Please find below a selective bibliography of works written by Stephanie Nikolopoulos.


Burning Furiously Beautiful: The True Story of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road,” coauthored with Paul Maher Jr. (2013). print editionebook. Amazon. Barnes & Noble.


“Essay after Visiting the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, Written from a Skyscraper” in Thomas Cole’s Essay on American Scenery Essay Contest 2018. On view in the Landmarks exhibit at the Albany International Airport until February 25, 2019. ebook.

“Refuge” in Creating Space (RedeemerWrites, 2012). print edition.

“Magna Graecia” entry to Benet’s Reader’s Encyclopedia (HarperCollins Publishers, 2008). print edition.

Introduction to Isabella Bird’s A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains (Barnes & Noble, 2005). print edition. ebook.

Introduction to Theodore Roosevelt’s Hunting the Grisly and Other Sketches (Barnes & Noble, 2003). print edition. ebook.

Print and Online Magazines and Blogs

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AFAR turned my Travel Tale “Seeing the Light in Sweden” into an animated video. Watch here!

7Ball, AFAR, ARTisSpectrum, BOMBlog, Brooklyn Rail, Burnside Writers Collective, Emerging Thoughts, Fjords Review, Gothamist, Greenwich Village Gazette, Here or There, Literary Traveler, Marco Polo, The Millions, The National Herald, Nature Magazine, Release Magazine, Resource Magazine, Scan, The Suburbanite: North Edition, The Teaneck Suburbanite, Thomas Insights, Uncool Kids, Valiant Scribe, and Vox Poetica.


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Experience the beauty of Greece every day of the year with HELLAS, a 2021 poster calendar. The natural landscape of the Mediterranean comes to life in the rich, colorful photography of the Greek ocean and mountainside. Every time you glance at this calendar, you will feel transported to a land of tranquility and beauty. On sale now.

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This was the year she decided to follow her heart. This was the year she stepped out in boldness. This was the year she decided to chase her dreams wherever they might take her. This was the year she experienced 365 days that changed her life forever. The Dreamchaser’s 2021 poster calendar is on sale now.

Previous Calendars


Experience the beauty of Greece every day of the year with HELLAS, a 2020 calendar. The natural landscape of the Mediterranean comes to life in the rich, colorful photography of Greek beaches, wildflowers, and lush palm trees. As you record your daily appointments in the calendar, the stresses of life will recede like the tide of the ocean. This calendar features US and Greek holidays. On sale now.


Cultivate a life of gratitude each day of 2020 with the Your Cup Runneth Over Calendar. Each morning as you savor a cup of coffee, take a moment to give thanks. Every day offers a fresh start and an opportunity to practice thanksgiving. By focusing on the things you have to be thankful for, even if some days they may feel like small things, you will transform your attitude and become a more positive person. Your newfound optimism will help you to enjoy the life you currently have even as you seek to improve it one day at a time. Consider these prompts: What are you grateful for experiencing as a child? What friendships are you thankful for today? What do you appreciate about your neighborhood? How can you tell someone you’re thankful for them today? Each day, take a moment to stop and smell the coffee! On sale now.


Travel above the Arctic Circle to experience the winter wonderland of the Swedish Lapland. Home to the Sami, the nomadic people of Sweden, the Lapland is a beautiful landscape of snow-capped mountains, howling huskies, and majestic reindeer. In this 2019 calendar of original photography, you will find cozy homes, Sami tents, and painterly sunsets that will give you a sense of “lagom” all year round. On sale now.

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The Hobart Festival of Women Writers inaugural Calendar features the work of the distinguished writers who participated in our First Festival in 2013. On sale now.


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