Praise for Burning Furiously Beautiful

Jonathan A. Collins:

A MUST HAVE volume for Kerouac scholars and fans alike.

Richard Marsh:

This new book by Kerouac biographer Paul Maher and Stephanie Nikolopoulos, is a much needed addition to the Kerouac scholarship, as well as an interesting read. Laced with just enough biography, the two put a magnifying glass to Kerouac’s process of writing his seminal novel, ‘On The Road’. With a voice, at times, reflecting Kerouac’s own rolling prose, much of the mythology that has shrouded Kerouac through most of the previous biographies is finally debunked. Most notably, by revealing the entire history of the novel, through its multitude of incarnations over a period of years, not weeks or months, that has become the popular belief. Character changes, title changes, plot changes, are all painstakingly researched and presented in a comprehensive roadmap for the first time. Moreover, the authors have the honesty to debunk the long embraced portrait of Neal Cassady as saint, and paint him in an all too human role of strictly muse, another first.

George Nicholas Koumantzelis:

Never losing its focus on its subject, it is able to zoom-in on the important points about the embryonic development of this literary masterpiece and post-modern model of story-telling excellence.

Karen K.:

It is a must read; you will not put this book down.

Constantine Sirigos:

It is thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring read. Nicolopoulos and Maher dissect the life of a book – and its writer. Burning Furiously Beautiful had me racing to to the bookstore to buy On the Road and read it for the first time. I am now 1/3 through Dr. Sax, but I am also furiously jotting down notes for stories and essays of my own.


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