Stuff Jack Kerouac Hates

10 Jul

Erin La Rosa wrote a piece for BuzzFeed called “12 Things Famous Authors Absolutely Hated.” You know who hates something? Jack Kerouac. This, according to La Rosa:

Anyone who read On The Road and thought Kerouac was suggested to take up a beatnik lifestyle… you were so epically wrong. Kerouac hated his time searching for answers, and it’s pretty clear from the book that he didn’t find any. Kerouac was a conservative Catholic and always resented that his writing inspired a revolution.

Sucks for Kerouac!

She links to S. Peter Davis’ and David A. Vindiola’s 2010 Cracked article “6 Books Everyone (Including Your English Teacher) Got Wrong. The article says in part:

First of all, Kerouac hated beatniks; he thought they were a bunch of posers. Anyone who wanted to be a part of “The Beat Generation” completely missed the point. In his mind, those who were “Beat” were beaten down by society’s demands and struggled to find their place in the world. It was not something you chose to be because it would help you meet chicks.

“Hate” is such a strong word! Still, I think the articles further the important point that there’s a huge disconnect between the literature of the so-called Beat Generation and the subcultures of beatniks.
Not much has changed. Just look at the way Madison Avenue has marketed the heart out of the arts and music scene of Williamsburg.


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