Neal Cassady’s Birthday Bash!

7 Feb


Denver is celebrating Neal Cassady’s birthday (which is tomorrow) tonight! Cassady is, of course, the real life inspiration behind Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, lived with The Grateful Dead for a short time, and drove the bus Further.

His children, Cathy, Jami, and John Allen, will be at Mercury Cafe to celebrate their father and mother’s legacy. David Amram will set the tone for the evening with his vivacious jazz.

Here’s what Brown Paper Bag, where you can purchase tickets (only 20 bucks!), has to say about the event:

5th Annual Neal Cassady Birthday Bash
February 7, 2014
Mercury Cafe 2199 California St.  DENVER!
*A full set of jazz from: the David Amram Quartet.
*Tribute to their late mother Carolyn by: Cathy, Jami and John Allen Cassady
*Poetry, music, reefer and revolution from: John Sinclair and the Blues Scholars
*Also: Readings, reminiscences and more on what would have been the 88th birthday of Denver’s self described, “unnatural son” Neal Cassady.

I want to go so badly! Anyone want to buy me a plane ticket?!




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  1. Neal Cassady Birthday Bash gets full weekend in 6th year in Denver - - February 4, 2015

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