Remembering Lucien Carr

28 Jan

Because of the film Kill Your Darlings, much has been made recently of Lucien Carr’s murder of David Kammerer, but that’s not how he should be remembered. Carr served his time and tried to distance himself from that association, though he did remain lifelong friends with the people he’d met as a prank-loving student at Columbia. He even went so far as to have Allen Ginsberg take his name out of the dedication to Howl after learning of it in the first printing.

So what should we remember Lucien Carr for? He did not, after all, seek to capitalize on his name or associations with his own writing. Instead, he should remember for tirelessly working as an editor at UPI for close to five decades. There, he encouraged and molded young writers, just as he often did for his “Beat” friends.

Lucien Carr passed away on this day in 2005.

Recommended reading::: Eric Homberger’s obituary “Lucien Carr” for The Guardian.


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  1. David Amram January 28, 2015 at 3:15 pm #

    Dear Stephanie

    As i take a break from shoveling snow, it was a treat to see you honoring our dear Lucien!!!


    All cliched crap about the murder (as if that’s why anything was important) has an appeal to post-modern nouveau philistines but little to do with anything that we all love and cherish!!

    It was a horrible tragedy lime all the violence in our society, PERIOD!

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    And I know you will do that!!

    And i am sure you won’t have to wait until you are 84 to get all your work out there!!

    (But keep eating a lot of health food , just in case things move a little slower than expected. And don’t forget to have a glass of Retzina!!))

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    Having met Kerouac and Woody within a month of one another, part of my hopes are that this fine recording can celebrate the egalitarian yea-saying spirit of the artistic community of the 1950s where spontaneity and formality were both the joyous ingredients of the polycultural landscape that made it possible for so many of us to spread our wings, and be supported by one another, and to also celebrate our shared love of the classics of European culture while incorporating all the beauty that surrounds us all here every day in this country.

    Now, in 2015, this spirit and those who share it seems to be burning bright again. I see it all the time with the new generation of gifted people who realize that those who choose the dedicated honest and sincere path will often face a lifetime of flying beneath the radar but have a more rewarding life by creating work that is built to last.

    The enthusiasm and energy of this new generation is rewarding to be around, and everyone who is able to see and hear the young folks creating exciting new work in all genres of the arts feels rejuvenated. After forty years in the desert, this new generation seems to concentrate more on excellence than on celebrity.

    My hope is that this composition and how I came to do it, and Woody’s own non-stop creativity can inspire this new generation to build new bridges, form enduring friendships, work tirelessly at what they love, share their blessings with others and tell their stories in their own way, just as Woody Guthrie, Kerouac and all the giants of jazz, country, Latin, Native American and World music did long ago. They were joined by the innovators in the theater, dance, film, classical concert music, opera and literature whom I was also blessed to know and work with.

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    When I first met Dizzy Gillespie way back in 1951. he told me “Son, Bop til you Drop”

    He encouraged me to keep on keeping on and now it is my turn to do that for others.

    After Denver, I’m off to Kansas City and other ports of call.

    So until our paths somewhere sometime someplace somehow soon…

    With wishes to you for high energy (and low carbs)

    I send cheers.


    Now back to shoveling snow and dreaming about sitting by the brook on a warm summer night.

    But at the moment….duty calls!!!

    Dave the Smiling Snow Shoveler

    David (promising young composer) home 845.528.4305 cell 914.299.3497 (New Address) 28 Hammond Plaza Beacon, NY 12508

    Best YouTube selections

    URL for trailer of the film “David Amram: The First 80 Years”

    Link for viewing the film “David Amram: The First 80 Years”

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