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Lunch-Break Rendezvous to Celebrate the Feast of the Flowers

1 May



Let’s all ditch work today and celebrate the Feast of the Flowers!  …Okay, okay, I’ll behave.  I’ll take a nice long walk through the park during my lunch break for Protomayia (May 1).  Now that the weather’s warming up, I use my lunch break to get a little sun on my face, stretch my legs, and admire the beauty of the every day.  I used to feel guilty about leaving my desk for lunch.  I thought I should just power through and get work done.  But I’ve found that actually taking my lunch break energizes me.  I come back feeling so refreshed and ready to tackle projects with a clear mind.  Maybe today for the Feast of the Flowers I’ll buy some fresh flowers for my desk while I’m out!

Greeks celebrate May 1 (also known as May Day, Labor Day, and Protomayia) with the enchanting Feast of the Flowers.  Revelers flee to the countryside on this national labor holiday to herald spring.  By May 1, most of the Greek islands are warm with gentle breezes and the mainland can even get hot.  It’s a marvelous day of picnicking and flying kites and enjoying nature.  People spend the day collecting flowers and turning them into wreathes.  There are even several flower festivals throughout Greece.  Isn’t the Feast of the Flowers the loveliest of holidays?