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Huckleberry Finn Grows Up to Be Dean Moriarty

2 Apr

Flavorwire recently had a fun post on kid literary characters and their grown-up counterparts.  They said that Huckleberry Finn would grow up to be Dean Moriarty, the character based on Neal Cassady in On the Road:


Huckleberry Finn and Dean Moriarty

Mark Twain’s original American boy vagabond in search of adventure would inevitably grow up to figure as the care-free rover in Kerouac’s semi-autobiographical novel. Moriarty is described as “a side-burned hero of the snowy West” and a “holy con-man,” which seem to us to be pretty accurate descriptions of how the lawless, fanciful Huck might have turned out. And after all, even though Moriarty and Sal never set off down the river on a raft, you can bet they would have if they could’ve — and we think Huck would be itching to try that ’37 Ford sedan.

Find out all the other great counterparts here, and feel free to add your in the comments section.  I’d add:

Harold (of Harold and the Purple Crayon) grows up to be Chip Kidd in Cheese Monkeys.

Who would you add?