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Greek American Fashion Week: ENOE ME by Lia Kastanidi

18 Sep


I’m one of those people who obsesses over fashion magazines from abroad, always requesting that anyone returning from Greece brings me the latest hot issue from the newsstand.  If you happened to catch the May 2012 issue of Greek Vogue you would’ve seen the feature on ENOE ME‘s Lia Kastanidi in it. From the urban city of Patra, in the Peloponnese region of Greece, Kastanidi has been garnering a media attention lately — and with good reason!

Kastanidi showcased her 2013 Spring/Summer collection for ENOE ME at the Greek American Fashion Week Show.  Making use of vibrant colors, flowing fabrics, and relaxed cuts, the solid-colored pieces in ENOE ME’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection had an urban desert vibe to them.  They looked comfortable yet luxurious, bohemian yet sophisticated.  Very downtown cool.

The ensembles in the collection evoke a casual nomadic flair.  This may have to do with Kastanidi branding her company after her native land of Uenye in the Black Sea of Asia Minor.

Kastanidi studied at the London College of Fashion and New York’s FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology), before returning to Greece in 2007.