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Photographs from My Trip to the Ancient Olympics

6 Aug







Are you watching the Olympics right now?

My family lives close to where the very first Olympics were held — the Olympic games began in 776 BC in Olympia, which is in the Peleponnesus in Greece — so over the years, I’ve visited Olympia more times than I could possibly count.  Even though I’m probably one of the least athletic people on the entire planet and couldn’t care less about watching any of the Olympic games, I still love going to site of where the Olympics all began.

What’s so fun about Olympia, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is that you can actually walk right up to the incredible stone columns.  You’re essentially treading the same path as the ancient Olympians.  My father always insists that we run the stadium, and since I love to ham it up for the camera, we end up with lots of silly pictures like the above.  Through this tradition, he’s been able to capture me growing up through the lens of the Ancient Olympics.

If you’re planning a trip to Olympia, Greece, you may find this site helpful.


Does your family have a tradition of taking annual photos anywhere unique?


Tasty Tuesday: Dinner at Souvlaki GR

6 Sep

My friend Laura, from college, came to Greece with me one summer, so when she and her husband visited me this summer in New York City, I knew just the spot to take them: Souvlaki GR.  My sister and I had passed it one day while wandering the Lower East Side, and I did a double take because it was as if I had seen a mirage of a taverna on a Greek island.  With a stone floor, white-washed walls with blue shutters, and beach umbrellas inside the restaurant, it perfectly captured the laid-back vibe of Greece.  It was perfect for reminiscing about our all-too-long-ago vacation in Crete.

As it turns out, Souvlaki GR started out as a food truck before opening its Lower East Side restaurant.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that no matter how trendy food trucks are, I just can’t get onboard with them.  My parents didn’t raise me to eat out of trucks.  That said, I can see why Souvlaki GR would be a popular food truck.  The food and its packaging are the perfect portable meal.  Their restaurant is so cute, though, that I wish they’d stepped it up with the food and offered larger portions more suitable for a sit-down restaurant.

What do you think: should a food truck-turned restaurant keep to its winning menu or should the restaurant offer something more than the truck?

It’s Been Four Years

24 Jun


It’s been four years since I’ve seen my brother.

About five years ago my brother moved to Greece.  He was twenty years old at the time.  He’d been enrolled in undergrad in Boston and decided to move to Greece and go to school there.

I didn’t want my little brother to leave.  I told him he could live with me.  But he left anyway.  I suppose it made sense for him.  The rest of our family was already living there.

I visited the first summer after he moved to Greece.  I intended to visit again the year after that.  I really did.  But, I didn’t make it that year.  And I haven’t make it in the years that have followed.

I have excuses reasons.  Lots of them.  I moved twice during that time period.  One of the moves was an out-of-state move.  (If moving from one side of the George Washington Bridge to the other counts.)  I wanted to travel to more places than just Greece.  I’ve transitioned between three different jobs, making accruing time off from work more difficult.  I started grad school.

The decision not to go to Greece felt right each time.  It seemed “practical.”  The economy was plummeting, and I had to count pennies.  These were years of upheaval, transition, exploration with where I lived and where I worked and what I did in my free time.  But now I wonder how it got to be four years since I’ve seen my brother.  Now I question what being “practical” really means.


I’ll be reading from a story about the summer before my brother moved to Greece tonight at Redeemer.  You can register for free to attend.  Hope to see you there!