Writing Wednesday: Writing While Sailboats Float By

24 Aug



There are days when I’m in the mood to write, to let the words flow freely onto the paper, only to end up feeling all angsty sitting up in my room, all alone in front of the computer.  Writing can feel so isolating sometimes.  In the summer, when the weather’s warm, I want to sit outside in the grass or at the beach, instead of in my room or in a café.  To remedy my desire to both write and enjoy some sunshine I’ve been taking my work outdoors.

The other day I packed up an essay I’d been working on and went to Central Park.  If you enter in the East Seventies, there’s a man-made pond, where you can rent toy sailboats.  There are a ton of benches and lots of sunshine even in the evening hours, so it makes for a great writing spot.

Being outside writing made me feel so productive!  I felt like I was not only getting my writing done but that I was still taking advantage of the last month of summer and the beauty of living by Central Park.


2 Responses to “Writing Wednesday: Writing While Sailboats Float By”

  1. Debbie August 24, 2011 at 10:27 am #

    What an inspiring beautiful spot to write..like stepping into an impressionist painting…

  2. loubelcher August 24, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    It’s good you ventured out. I usually do better if I stay confined… Go figure. But sometimes I go to the coffee house and am able to tune things out and just go to town on my book.


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