Clip: You Can’t Put a Language in a Zoo

30 Jan

One of the first languages spoken in Brooklyn is already extinct. Yours could be next.

Conservation efforts in Brooklyn are saving the land humans explore and the landmarks we create, while our very system of consciousness is in jeopardy.

Read the rest of my article “You Can’t Put a Language in a Zoo” in The Brooklyn Rail.


One Response to “Clip: You Can’t Put a Language in a Zoo”

  1. Linda February 4, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    Interesting .. Like everything on the planet language is always evolving. It is also the most obvious/visible way for us to communicate and define ourselves. Words and what they signify are exclusive to humans and the most important way we evolve, and for that reason, I think the morphing of a language over its own time line is natural. There have always been dead or “lost” languages AND there has always been those who investigate them. And so I personally won’t cry or fret about whatever havoc the passage of time (evolution) brings to language.

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