The Wall Street Journal Excludes Greek American Novels in Its List about the Immigrant Experience

7 Oct
In a list of “10 Notable Novels about the Immigrant Experience,” there are bound to be many great and notable novels who don’t make the cut. This isn’t about just literature, though. This isn’t just about craft or sales numbers.
It’s nice to see a novel about a Swedish-American family on the list, as we Swedes are sometimes overlooked. However, I was disappointed not to see any novels about the Greek-American immigrant experience on the list.
That being the case, I would like to offer up Jeffrey Eugenides’ Pulitzer Prize-winning Middlesex, which in portraying three generations of Greeks weaves a story of immigration and the American Dream.
What would you add to the list?
PS::: Remember that time Jeffrey Eugenides’ vest was Tweeting? And a great quote from the author.

2 Responses to “The Wall Street Journal Excludes Greek American Novels in Its List about the Immigrant Experience”

  1. Breena Clarke October 7, 2015 at 6:31 am #

    Remember I said I knew another novel of the Greek-American immigrant experience? “My New Found Land” by Dean Brelis. I worked briefly with Dean at TIME I agree with Kirkus: ” It is simply and rather obviously written.” But, hey. for the record.

  2. Jnana Hodson October 24, 2015 at 8:18 pm #

    Even with the honors Eugenides received with “Middlesex,” the Greek-American experience is largely invisible as far as the literary world goes. I spent several sessions at the reference desk of public libraries and come up empty — the Greek-American authors who turned up wrote instead about more general matters.
    So here we are, hoping to see more.

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