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Writing Wednesday: Consider This Me Updating My Website

26 Jan

Barbara Vey recently wrote a blog entry called “Update That Website” for PW.  The article is aimed at authors who either don’t have a website at all or fail to update it.  She suggested that even writing one blog entry a month is enough to keep readers interested and let them know that you are indeed alive and working on your next writing project.

Well, consider this me updating my website.

Given the publishing industry’s emphasis on writers using social media, I’ve gotten the impression that writers should be in constant communication with our readers.  I wonder, though, what readers really want to hear about from their favorite authors.

How often do you think authors should update their websites?

What sort of content do you want authors (meaning ME!) to update their website with?  Do you only want to hear news related to the specifics of an upcoming book and speaking engagements?  Do you want to read about the creative processes?  Do you want to know what was for dinner last night?