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Friday Links: Words in the Mail

21 Jun

Happy Friday!

Here are a couple Friday links to kick off the weekend. This week’s theme is about how the link between literature and the postal service.

Indie darlings The Postal Service, who collaborated through snail mail, are touring the US right now. Can you believe Give Up is celebrating its 10th anniversary?!

Ireland fit a whole short story on a new stamp (via PW Daily)

When you’re a writer, your mailbox can be a source of agony — but it’s important to remember you’re in good company: Alfred A. Knopf sent rejection letters to Jack Kerouac and other famous authors in this 2007 NPR story.

On my recent trip to Dallas, I read Maria Semple’s Where’d You Go, Bernadette on the plane. The book, which garnered tons of publicity last year, features emails and snail mail between the characters. What’s your favorite epistolary novel?

As a young girl growing up in Australia, Geraldine Brooks had pen pals through the world. Twenty years later she went on a search to find these long-lost pen-pal friends, as told in the memoir Foreign Correspondence.



The Buzz on Flash-mob Bees, Bowery Bees, and Greek Bee Myths

1 Jun

Oh my goodness, did you guys hear about the bees that took over Little Italy yesterday??  Apparently, thousands of bees decided to meet up at lunchtime in front of the Italian American Museum on the corner of Mulberry and Grand.  They swarmed a mailbox, completely covering its side.  This leads me to ponder two questions:

1.  Are these flash-mob bees the insect contingent of Improv Everywhere?

2.  What sort of sweet notes would a bee mail to his honey?

It also reminds me that I still haven’t told you about Bowery Bees.  On Sunday, May 8, my photojournalist friend Annie Ling and I went to the Festival of New Ideas for the New City, an incredibly thought-provoking art initiative that brought artists and thinkers together to explore ideas that could shape a new New York.  One of the collaborations was between Anarchy Apiaries, a Hudson Valley apiary run by beekeeper-artist Sam Comfort, and the Bowery Poetry Club, a performing-arts venue founded and run by poet Bob Holman.

After a brief talk on bees, we climbed up to the rooftop of the Bowery Poetry Club for the unveiling of the apiary.  Sam had brought the bees down from Germantown that morning and set up hives so that Bob could start the rooftop apiary Bowery Bees.  Standing amidst the skyscrapers of Manhattan’s East Village, we witnessed the queen bee do her dance.

Even though I was afraid of getting stung, I have to admit it was rather spectacular.  My parents have a large garden in Greece, where they gather olives to make their own olive oil, and I tried to convince my dad he should set up some beehives.  Bee myths play heavily into Greek mythology and Greek literature.  Bee emblems appear in ancient ruins on the Greek islands of Crete and Rhodes.

Bowery Bees honey can be bought at the Bowery Poetry Club, located at 308 Bowery, between Houston and Bleecker.

How do you like the antenna?