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You Know You’re Greek When… Your Name Is Too Long for Twitter

9 Sep

Image via Tweetpi


You know you’re Greek when your name is too long for Twitter.

I’m several years late to the game, but I finally signed up for Twitter.  I’ve been Tweeting for other companies for a while, so I figured it was about time I bit the bullet and created my own personal account, as in “These Tweets are my own opinions and do not represent anyone but myself.”   I mean, I was already on Google+ for crying out loud.  Why not join Twitter too?

Okay, but here’s the rub: my multisyllabic Greek last name is too long for Twitter!  And I don’t just mean too long for the Twitter handle; I mean too long for my profile name.

That means, you can now follow me as @StephanieNiko on Twitter.

It’s probably better in the long run.  I bet you can’t spell my last name correctly anyway.