Clip: “Industry Tales: The Tall Tales of a Russian Illusionist” in Resource’s Summer ’11 Issue

21 Jul

A couple months back I had the opportunity to meet and interview a legendary photographer in his studio.  It was such a fun and inspiring day.  I mean, this photographer had shot all sorts of famous people — jazz musicians, a president, Allen Ginsberg — and had incredible and hilarious stories to share about his photography adventures.

My editor at Resource Magazine asked me to fictionalize an account of the photographer’s craziest day on the job.  You can read the result in the summer 2011 issue of Resource Magazine, on newsstands now!  It’s called “Industry Tales: The Tall Tales of a Russian Illusionist” (page 18).  If you can guess who the photographer is (hint: he really is Russian), comment below!

You can’t read the article online (sorry!) but if you look real hard you can view a photo of me on the contributor’s page.

Hope you’ll check out Resource not just for my article alone.  It’s a great photo mag.  What I love about Resource is the way it breaks the mold for photography magazines.  It’s so much more than a technical how-to photo magazine.  It’s a lifestyle photography magazine, meaning Resource features cool restaurants to take clients, photographer profiles, and intriguing events and stories that a photographer might be interested in shooting.


2 Responses to “Clip: “Industry Tales: The Tall Tales of a Russian Illusionist” in Resource’s Summer ’11 Issue”

  1. Queen July 21, 2011 at 10:57 am #

    I feel like I should know the answer to this ……hmmm


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