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Clip: Resource Published My Article on Flashes of Hope

28 Aug


The summer 2014 issue of Resource features an article I wrote that I’m extremely proud of. I interviewed the founder of Flashes of Hope, a nonprofit that takes photographs of children with cancer, to talk about how the portraits empower these children. The professional portraits also serve as lasting mementos for the families of the 25% of the children photographed who don’t survive. The nonprofit shows just how powerful art can be.

Cancer is a personal subject for me. This summer I did a few readings from a chapter I wrote called “Grief Gone Wild” about the summer I lost both of my grandmothers to cancer a month apart from each other. I was glad to likewise get to put my creative nonfiction to positive use to write this article on Flashes of Hope and show that moments of strength, beauty and even joy can be found even in the midst of trying times.


White Trash Uncut: The Resource Magazine Interview with Christopher Makos

20 Mar



Around the same time that Jack Kerouac packed his rucksack and went on the road, Christopher Makos was born into a Greek American family in Kerouac’s hometown. In the June 2013 issue of That’s, Ned Kelly reported:

Christopher Makos was born in 1948 in Lowell, Massachusetts, the birthplace of pioneering Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac; a heritage he was oblivious of in his youth. “Growing up in Lowell, I wasn’t aware of anything, except how to leave,” he says. “How to grow up fast and figure out how to leave.”

Sounds pretty Beat to me!

Makos went on to live in California and then, after high school, moved to New York and, later, Paris. It was there that he became an apprentice to the esteemed Man Ray. Back in New York City, he photographed the scene on the Lower East Side—Beat writer William S. Burroughs, the Ramones, Patti Smith, David Bowie, Lou Reed, and Debbie Harry are just a few of the icons who ended up in his book White Trash. Though it was the ’70s by this point, it’s got it’s Beat Generation connections. (If you’re interested in reading up more on this, I’d recommend Victor Bockris’ Beat Punks.)

Makos became friends with Andy Warhol, who called him the “most modern photographer in America.”

The latest incarnation of this seminal punk photography book, White Trash Uncut, is coming out in May 2014 (published by Glitterati Incorporated), and Resource Magazine’s Aria Isberto caught up with the Greek-American photographer to talk about the underground scene, what it takes to get published, and what kind of camera he uses. You can read it here.

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Clip: Green Wedding Shoes

7 May



The lovely editors at Resource Magazine asked me to cover a story on indie, DIY weddings for their Spring 2013 issue. I got to interview Jen Campbell of the blog Green Wedding Shoes, who is so sweet and creative.

You can pick up a print copy at your local Barnes & Noble or keep sitting where you are right now and get the digital edition.

Clip: “Industry Tales: The Tall Tales of a Russian Illusionist” in Resource’s Summer ’11 Issue

21 Jul

A couple months back I had the opportunity to meet and interview a legendary photographer in his studio.  It was such a fun and inspiring day.  I mean, this photographer had shot all sorts of famous people — jazz musicians, a president, Allen Ginsberg — and had incredible and hilarious stories to share about his photography adventures.

My editor at Resource Magazine asked me to fictionalize an account of the photographer’s craziest day on the job.  You can read the result in the summer 2011 issue of Resource Magazine, on newsstands now!  It’s called “Industry Tales: The Tall Tales of a Russian Illusionist” (page 18).  If you can guess who the photographer is (hint: he really is Russian), comment below!

You can’t read the article online (sorry!) but if you look real hard you can view a photo of me on the contributor’s page.

Hope you’ll check out Resource not just for my article alone.  It’s a great photo mag.  What I love about Resource is the way it breaks the mold for photography magazines.  It’s so much more than a technical how-to photo magazine.  It’s a lifestyle photography magazine, meaning Resource features cool restaurants to take clients, photographer profiles, and intriguing events and stories that a photographer might be interested in shooting.

Brunch @ Supper and a Walk along the Pier

19 May

Sunday I went to one of my favorite places for brunch: Supper.  With exposed brick, stained-glass windows, and an eclectic mix of chandeliers, the East Village establishment fits in with the view of downtown Manhattan I had in the ‘90s—cozy and sort of bohemian.  I almost exclusively have Eggs Florentine for Sunday brunch but when I go to Supper I get Molly’s French Toast.  It comes with strawberry butter and freshly cut strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and raspberries.  It’s hard to say whether I love raspberries or Hollandaise sauce more….

After brunch we walked over to Chelsea Piers, which I’d never actually been to before.  There’s a trail outside where you can walk along the harbor.  The salty smell of the river reminded me of my childhood.  There’s a ship near there that was converted to a bar called The Frying Pan.  I’d first heard about it a few years ago when I was covering Slideluck Potshow, which was having its after-party there, for Resource Magazine, but I hadn’t actually gone because a woman journalist going to the pier at midnight seemed like a good way to inspire a Law & Order episode.  Now that I actually went to visit it—in the daytime—it was so cool!  They had an actual train car onboard the boat—it was the turducken of transportation!