Accidental Speed Dating

23 May

Being a writer means spending a lot of time by yourself in front of a computer screen that just blinks back at you, waiting for you to make the first move.  Even when you’re a gainfully employed freelancer you rarely go into an office and meet your editor.  Interaction comes via emails, sometimes snail mail if you’re not linked up to PayPal.

A couple years ago, I was working as an arts writer for a hipper-than-thou New York blog that actually sought to foster their community of writers through social events.  The first time I got invited to an event, I still had never met my editor or any of the other contributors in person, and had no idea what anyone looked like.  The first time I got invited to an event, the bar where we were meeting also happened to be holding a speed dating event.  I’m sure you know where this is headed: I got a little confused, and almost ended up accidentally speed dating.

All of this comes to mind because I just read Frank D. Santo’s “Waiting for a stranger to roll her eyes: My adventures in literary speed dating” for NY Daily News.  Apparently, literary speed dating exists.  A book seems to serve as a great conversation starter, a little peek into a person’s interests—and reading level.


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