Pics from My Reading at The Penny Farthing

25 Jun



I had such a blast reading at The Penny Farthing in the East Village on June 18.  The event was hosted by C3 Storytellers, and the crowd was one of the best I’ve ever had.  The audience had so much energy, and the other performers were absolutely dynamic and thoughtful.

One of the other performers just happened to be Lamont Hiebert, of the band Ten Shekel Shirt, whom I’d seen perform years ago.  He’s also the co-founder of Love146, a nonprofit working to end child sex slavery.  He shared some stories about working with survivors.

The last person to present was poet Steven Bono Jr., who did a mashup of everyone’s work.  Since his poem so perfectly captured the spirit of the evening, I asked if I could reprint it, and he said yes:

A piece applicable for the despicable last minute poet that I have become. I think halfway through my dungenouse ahi tuna bar-room salad I thought, “I should write about…tonight.”

The curtain draws on an old grey toothed Greek woman fondling your brothers…well you know.(___) So the journey started off hilariously and moved to a Janis Joplin show stoppin’ mysterious girl whom I don’t know so sorry,(___) but next it was a large profound thought from a more miniature man who’s plan is to live in some house next to a highway, sounds a tad more homeless to me.(Josh Colon) Like Soni and Cher, or the ying to joshs Yang Miriam came to flutter love filled words of 2 birds with one stone cold poem.
Show em your souls Mims, it’s dark side is as fascinating as the moons is. Did I forget a comic in there? oh yeah, Rodney and his fun drum jokes, if this is too offensive please don’t choke me. (said in an African dialect)
Willem tickled some ivory’s so fast and furious I thought even Tony would be proud. Mr. Big black specs was next, Sir Adam Mcdowell whom I must say has never felt more like family, I hope you feel home homes. Being a man who actually was born in Nashville you did us proud and I’m thankful to be called your friend.

Holy Moses Batman! Your wise beyond your beard and what I feared when you stood was true that my poetry is pretty lame when compared with you. But I’m thankful for your soul sewed into that page where love and age blend like a favorite red wine of mine. I couldn’t come off it as you rhymed new favorite lines of this dream-aholic. I pray for the day I get choked up at my 40 year dear buttercup. You allow me to see Henry V say “from this victory stock” that you have surely come from Josh. Fresh to death Guitar don Roni told us how to love monsters and men and taught us how to continually use a pick for an entire song and to over come fear.

She carried the key to my pad-locked and shocked aspirations for becoming an actor and now teaches me poetry- she Vel-coughed visual motion pictures containing elixers of your past and people’s healed futures. Keep writing, for it is in your fighting we onlookers drop 2 cups of hope in our hearts cookers and begin to bake destiny. Courtney I too am tiny but you are indeed mighty my fine feathered friend. High falsettos- like heavenly in tune balloons floating away in meadows that no one can reach but you. You worship God with your smile Court.
Lamont- his name in Spanish means “the mont.” A rock star founded and pounded as a foundation for the lost- tossed and torn these children born right into sin and as they are you hit your cue in for the rescue. I am a believer that you reap what you soe. Lamont May your children stand as tall for righteousness as you do, may your foundation be fueled beyond every expectation you have ever had for it and may your survivors be your descendants as numerous as the stars that they wish upon to meet you. Sam went Bam into the beyond of her career- a sultry singing buttery bouquet of HeY! Darryl barryrled through the inner soul of purpose and colleen spanned and conquered yet another medium which expands the list of reasons to be envious of her. I pray I seeze every opportunity to do the things I love, to face the fears I hate, to have grudge matches with with rough patches and to bless beloved duos with song and send them off into the sunset, humming your words.

Christine- your children including blue. Holy and whole
Josh- Round 2 blew us away. What construction workers really do in their vans.

Lamont-the bigger the battle, the more daunting the cause, the greater the party!

Looking forward to the next one!

Can you guess which part is about my story?? Haha.

Truly a fun night getting to hear and meet so many creative people.  The Penny Farthing had a real intimate, chill vibe that made for a great setting.

Thanks to all of you who came out! You’re awesome!! xoxo


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