Election 2012: Colonel Washington and Me

5 Nov


Part of what I love about being a writer and editor is getting to work with other authors who have important stories to tell.  Jeffrey E. Finegan Sr. was one such author.  He wrote a children’s book called Colonel Washington and Me: George Washington, His Slave William Lee and Their Incredible Journey Together!  The book, beautifully illustrated by Preston Keith Hindmarch, tells the story of the founding of the United States through the eyes of one of the slaves of our first president.  It’s a story I certainly don’t remember hearing when I was a child, and Finegan brings light to how George Washington struggled with the issue of slavery.  I was enlisted to write a curriculum for the book so that teachers, librarians, andhttp://www.colonelwashingtonandme.com/for-teachersparents can ensure children comprehend the subject matter and also to provoke dialogue for further reflection.

Do you talk to your children about the election and about politics?


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